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The San Joaquin Worthogs Homebrew Club is based out of Fresno California, the heart of the San Joaquin. There are over 100 active members in the club. The club consists of homebrewers, spectators and just plain ol’ people that enjoy and appreciate the work that goes into brewing beer, not to mention the sweet reward after it is all said and done.

Club meetings are held once a month, usually on the second Saturday of the month. This is not always true, but notice is given in advance of when and where the next meeting is going to be held. At the meeting there is usually a demo brew, where one of the members volunteers to brew at the meeting. Anyone can come watch or help in this effort. It is a great opportunity for a learning experience for new brewers.

Membership is a mere $35.00 per year (after 1/1/2020)  and will get you many benefits.

Non-members can come for free for an introductory period but are encouraged to join after the first few meetings.

There are many events that the club participates throughout the year besides the monthly meetings. Please check out our annual events listed on the calendar page for more info. There are usually camping trips, BBQ’s and other get together’s that pop up throughout the year.

Anyone is welcome to join the club and remember to bring a pen and paper for any notes or recipes you wish to acquire and some money for the raffles that are held.

Please read our Club Bylaws

A Little Worthog History

Courtesy of Tom Pope

I (Tom Pope) belonged to the Maltose Falcons, a homebrew club in LA in 1974. I moved to Fresno in 1976 and found there was no homebrew club here. There was a small place downtown where one could obtain brewing supplies, AR Zacher, but all that was available was dry yeast, hop pellets, and malt extract. In early 1989, Butterfield’s opened in the Tower District. Kevin Cox and Dale James were the brewers. Prior to that time, it was hard to find a decent beer in this town. I asked Dale if he would mind putting a sign up sheet at the bar asking if people would be interested in joining a home-brew club. Dale did so and a lot of people signed the sheet.
The very first meeting was held at Butterfield’s in 1989. Kevin Cox was first President, followed by Dale James, Jim Lopes, Charley Baird and Tom Pope. Jim Lopes was very instrumental in assisting our members in their fermenting efforts and in preparing them to take the BJCP exam.
Julian Bencomo was one of the first members. He opened a homebrew supply shop inside his brother’s liquor store at Fruit/McKinley. We finally had a place to obtain liquid yeast and fresh hops and barley. I might add that the brewers at Butterfield’s were very generous with providing brewers with yeast slurries and they were always willing to help our members with their brewing efforts. In my opinion, they helped to greatly improve the quality of the beers produced by our members. Prior to that time, we had been struggling with the effects of dried yeast, small pitch levels, etc.
Early on, the Worthogs approached the Fresno Fair and volunteered to take over the homebrew competition. The Worthogs have run the Fresno Fair homebrew competition for over 20 years. Another of our past Presidents, Randy Dillard, performed this task longer than any others.
The Worthogs hosted the AHA regional competition for 3 years running; 1994, 1995, and 1996. Many of our members have won awards in the State and National homebrew competitions.

2020 Board Members

President: “Chief” Scott Bailey

Role: Oversee all board positions

Executive VP: Toby Gelenaw
Role: Competitions and back-up president

Administrative VP: Greg Hardin
Role: Web Page/ Event coordinator

Treasurer: Eric Garcia
Role: Finances

Deputy Treasurer: Pearl Shaeffer
Role: Finances

Secretary: Ignacio Magos
Role: Facebook, Communications and board minutes

Sergeant of Arms: Chris Shaeffer
Role: Parliamentarian and Peace Keeper

Legacy Adviser: Tom Kallos
Role: Adviser of the legacies!