Worthog of the Year

“Worthog of the Year” (also known as WotY) is an honor bestowed upon an individual who brews the
best beers through a single year. To honor this member, a trophy is given to the highest scoring
Worthog to highlight their outstanding brewing skills.

January 2019

Specialty IPA- Rye IPA – 2015 BJCP Style 21B


March 2019
California Common – 2015 BJCP Style 19B


June 2019
Brewers Choice – Must be a 2015 BJCP Style


September 2019
Belgian Dark Strong Ale – 2015 BJCP Style 26D


RulesWOTY Official Rules – 2019

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Congratulations to Eric Delarosa for achieving “Worthog of the Year in 2018”.